The Streets first visited New Hope Bible Church in 1997 as part of the church’s first ever missions conference when the church was meeting in a local school.  Although Jeff had been a youth pastor in the Hanover area, the Streets had moved to Michigan where Jeff completed a Master of Theological Studies from Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary.  He has since completed a PhD (2012) and been awarded an honorary Doctor of Ministry degree (2013).


Both Jeff & Tonda received a definite call to full-time ministry during their school years.  Through multiple short-term mission trip opportunities in Europe and South America, God made it clear to them that He was calling them to minister as missionaries in Quebec.


Ministering in the Quebec City area since 1997, the Streets have created and developed youth ministry at three area evangelical churches: training leadership and discipling young people.  They then successfully turned over the youth ministry to national leadership at each church.  In 2013 they began a new partnership with another area church, training them in New Testament principles of youth ministry as they together disciple French-speaking high school students through evangelism, teaching, and service.  They have also been coaching a young pastor and his wife since 2015.


After a few years of youth ministry in Quebec, the Streets started a French-speaking mission called JET (JUSQU’AUX EXTRÉMITÉS DE LA TERRE) – which means “to the ends of the Earth.”  This legally recognized charitable organization exists to help Quebecois churches become directly involved in fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus and in raising up a generation of missionaries who will go out into the harvest.  Since going to Quebec, The Streets have organized more than 400 French Canadians to 15 countries.  13 young people have gone into full-time ministry.  Three are currently full-time missionaries with JET.  For the month of July 2020, the JET team is planning on evangelizing in Israel!


Jeff & Tonda have been blessed with 6 children.  Nate (27) is married to Marianne (26) and they are expecting a baby in January 2020.  They are attending Liberty University School of Divinity (LUSD) in preparation to become full-time missionaries.  Caleb (25) is also studying at LUSD in view of becoming a missionary.  Andrew (24) is married to Noémie (25) and they had their first child, Ezra, in May 2019.  They are also attending LUSD and they, too, sense God’s call to full-time missions.  Jamin (23) graduated with his B.S. in Sport Management from LU in May 2019 and is preparing to start his studies at LUSD next fall.  He also is planning on going into full-time missions.  Isaiah (21) & Hannah (19) are currently working on their Bachelor’s degrees at LU, and both are planning on becoming missionaries.